Saturday, 23 May 2009

Guild started

The signing of a guild charter is always the most awkward step of the forming process. But after pestering people in Orgrimmar for ten minutes, it's finally made: Stormstout Brewery. Now only containing my Death Knight and the alts of my friends. But hey, it's a start.

Achievement Unlocked: Grand Master in First Aid

A bit anti-climatic, don't you think? This is one of those things that shouldn't be handed out for going to a trainer and pressing a button, but for maxing your skill.

Boredom! And Annoyance!

I don't think that I can possibly be more annoyed right now. Seriously. I asked a friend of mine to take care of my Shaman's paid transfer (protip: Subscriptions don't cancel themselves, even when you don't play anymore), because I don't own a creditcard and WoW doesn't accept PayPal. Unlike the rest of the world.

Anyhow, I asked him to get everything ready on Tuesday. On Wednesday he said that his dad can't find his creditcard and that he just left. Okay. On Thursday he went MIA, only to reappear at eleven o'clock, which was too late for his dad to go look for it. Yesterday, he went MIA again, this time without any explaination. Maybe the local wildlife got him, killer flowerbulbs. Anyway, it's half a week now without my Shaman, three days longer than planned. And seriously, I don't know what I am more: bored or annoyed.

The reason that I don't play my Shaman on it's current server is twofold: I have a ton of history there and I don't feel like playing all by myself, while my friends are chilling on another server.

So I made a Death Knight on Wednesday, just to have something to do. After completing the startng questline (not as awesome as I'd have imagined) I went to Hellfire, just to do about 75 quests and level to 62. Then, because I hate Zangarmarsh, I just boosted a friend around low-level instances, dragged him through quests and so on.

But even that couldn't keep me away from the boredom, so I decided to get the Explore Kalimdor achievement. I ran through all of the area's, luckily only dying once of elite Green Dragonkin and only once because of Alliance guards. So, yeah, I was bored out of my skull.
And today? I don't know. Time will tell wether I will have to get very cross with someone on Monday or that I can spend a day and a half with my Shaman. Out of the 4.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Meet my Shaman

This is my Shaman, Cryon of Eonar (soon to be Obunaji of Argent Dawn). A character with so much history, that when WotLK hit, it managed to have over 1k worth of Achievements, without even touching the new content. Or any content at all. Bear in mind though, that due to a hacker a few years ago, I didn't recieve alot of achievements that required proof of slain bosses and cleared instances.

Still, he is fluffy and ready to tackle Northrend. Speaking of fluffy, he has a pet Wolpertinger too: Fluffy. Isn't it cute? It's my shaman's little mascot.

Atleast both of them have coats thick enough to stand the cold north.

Zee History.

After quitting WoW nearly a year ago, I did so because the people I played with weren't the same anymore. I was a core member in a guild, which was there from the beginning of the server, way back when The Burning Crusade didn't even exist. After raiding many nights in Molten Core, Zul'Gurub and AQ20, TBC did come out. After some drama, the guild exploded, I moved to another, got kicked out because of guild politics (might post that again sometime) and my guild reformed. The guild was as awesome as it always was.

We toppled Karazhan, we smoked out Gruul and then the Sunwell patch hit. I was one of the people that found that PvE and PvP wasn't equal. PvP would get equal gear by just being away from keyboard in Altarac Valley. The same was true for Badge Gear. Especially the 'new' gear, which would just have been farmed by everyone and it was. So I quit, mainly because I did go through all of the raiding to get my items. I couldn't stand the people showing off their epics, especially because they didn't mean anything in TBC.

After a long while, I was itching to play WoW again. In the meanwhile, my guild had merged with another, got new people and old people on new spots. The only way I could join the guild that I had played with for over 2 years was as a healer. Okay, fine. But the Shaman CL, someone who I have been friends with in the past, only wanted to control the way I played. He would keep on ranting about theorycrafting, while I just want to play the game and get on with it.

The fact that I was picking up shiny loot from Black Temple, Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep wasn't much solace though.
So when my laptop broke and I couldn't play WoW, I decided that I wouldn't return once it was fixed. After a while, Wrath of the Lich King came out and I found myself following the news around it, even though I didn't play WoW anymore.

After watching my little brother raid on his server, I wanted to go play again. Not to play with his guild, but to give my brother and my friends that he is playing with a chance to raid properly.
We decided to make our own guild. And to be just as awesome.

So now I'm waiting to transfer my Shaman. Playing with a Death Knight on an alien server just isn't the same.

Sunday, 17 May 2009